What's Different?

Series: The Way Of Jesus

What's Different?

In the days following Jesus' life, the first followers of Jesus lived lives that were so remarkably different than the cultural norm that the way of Jesus became irresistible. People who were nothing like Jesus, liked Jesus. And Jesus liked spending much of His time with people who were nothing like Him.

Unfortunately, this is not always the way it is with Christianity and the way of Jesus today. Somehow, Christianity has lost its appeal and attractiveness in our current society. But it's not because Christianity, or Jesus, has become less relevant or less needed. In fact, the very things that made early Christianity so appealing are things we can and should still see in our faith today.

So what made this way so different? Why did it stand out? And what can we learn from them? That's what Pastor Ricky Ortiz outlines for us in today's message.

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