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This Week @ Meta

What's in your vicinity? Better asked, WHO is in your vicinity? Everyday you walk by, interact with, and come into contact with hundreds, if not thousands, of people. But who are they? What are their stories? More importantly, who are you in their lives?

When Jesus came into the world, everything changed. But the world didn’t change in an instant, or all at once. It started to change in the village of Capernaum, one relationship at a time, over a period of time. But from this small village, the whole world was changed. Why? All because Jesus engaged those who were in His vicinity.

During this series at Meta Church, we'll be talking about why God has placed you in your vicinity, and what we can do as a community to impact the lives of the people around us.

When & Where

Sunday @ 3:00 pm


215 East 99th Street
New York New York, 10029

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