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  1. change; more than; beyond
  2. a new church on the Upper East Side of Manhattan

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This Sunday @ Meta

"With You" is all about a dual reality. The reality that Jesus is "with you" no matter what you go through. AND the reality that in order to experience His presence fully, it's going to take you making a commitment of saying, "I'm with You, Jesus."

The truth is once you enter a relationship with Jesus, He IS with you. No matter the circumstance, no matter your health conditions, no matter your financial predicament, and no matter where you go, He is with you!

If you've ever felt alone, forgotten, or abandoned... If you've ever wondered if God is really with you... Or if you're not sure what to make of this whole Jesus thing... then this series is for you!

We meet every Sunday and we're conveniently located on the border of the Upper East Side and East Harlem. To learn more about what to expect on Sunday at Meta, visit us here.

Kids @ Meta Church

Every week, we seek to serve families by providing a dynamic church experience for children ages Pre-K to 5th Grade. At Meta Kids, we're all about helping children experience the transformative power of Jesus on their level. We believe God has marked your child with great purpose, significance, and ability, and our Meta Kids Team is committed to helping your child pursue what God has for them in fun, creative, and relevant way.

To learn more about what goes on at Meta Kids, click here.

When & Where

Sunday @ 4:00 pm


215 East 99th Street
New York New York, 10029

We meet every week on the border of the Upper East Side and East Harlem in the historic P.S. 109 Building. Enter the building through the courtyard, and then head downstairs to join us for the worship service.
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The Breaking Point

Life has a way of overwhelming us and beating us down – be it financial, relationship, career, dreams, or even faith – we get stressed to the point of breaking ...

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