What Is The Way?

Series: The Way Of Jesus

What Is The Way?

The first followers of Jesus were simply known as those who followed "the way." That is, the way of Jesus. This "way" was simple, but it was different. It didn't need labels, or titles, or even mass gatherings and services. This "way" was filled with people who were committed to becoming like Christ and living like Christ in their world.

In fact, the first "Christians" weren't even called "Christians" in the beginning... They were called "disciples." A disciple is a learner, one who follows the teachings of another. And the first followers of Jesus were exactly that! They were learners and followers of the way of Jesus. And only later – in Luke 11:26 – did they become known as "Christians" because their lives looked so much like Christ.

In this series from Meta Church, Pastors Ricky and Krista Ortiz are taking us back to our roots to help us (re)discover the way of Jesus so we can learn what it means to follow Jesus, become like Jesus, and live like Jesus in our world today.

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