Do you ever feel like your faith doesn’t measure up against the legends of faith that we admire in Christianity? When it comes to faith, most of us feel like our faith is inadequate or insufficient and it feels like we could never have the faith that we see in the Bible. And even if that type of faith was attainable, we wouldn’t even know where or how to begin.

The legends of faith that we look up to – Abraham, Moses, David, etc. – all lived heroic lives of faith by being obedient, taking risks, and dreaming for more. But God isn’t content or satisfied with what was done in the past. God is calling on us to live our own heroic lives of faith filled with great adventure, incredible reward, and mighty triumphs. He’s writing a new faith story, and He’s urging you to step into it. He’s inviting us to live like legends!

In this week’s message from Meta Church, Pastor Ricky Ortiz shares the first step to living with legendary faith and it’s much simpler than you think.