[God speaking] “You must not hold anything back when you give me offerings from your crops and your wine.” – Exodus 22:29

From the very beginning, God knew He wanted his people to be different.

Ever since God called out His own people, He has instructed them to be identified and marked by their generosity. God has always desired for His people to be a people who hold nothing back. 

When it comes to money, our world is full of fear, greed, materialism, consumerism, pride, and selfishness, all of which is directly opposed to what God desires for His own children. He has chosen us – chosen you – to be different from the world. But it’s not about being different just for the sake of being different…

God wants you to be different because He wants you to be like Him!

God has held nothing back from you, so that you, too, can live and give freely! So whatever you do, don’t let anything cause you to hold back from God and others.

Reflections Questions:

  • In light of today’s scriptures and devotional, does the way you give accurately reflect the way God has called His followers to give? If not, what steps do you need to take to become more like Christ in this area?
  • If you are already holding nothing back (which is awesome!), how can you encourage other followers of Jesus to begin doing the same?