[Jesus speaking] “Give as freely as you have received! – Matthew 10:8

Isn’t it odd that we can be so eager to receive from God, but so stingy when it comes to give to God?

This type of spirit within us is the exact opposite of who Jesus says we ought to be, and how He says we ought to give.

According to Jesus, we ought to “give as freely as we have received.” Because God has not withheld a single thing from us, Jesus says that we shouldn’t be inclined to withhold anything from him. The Apostle Paul reiterated this in 2 Corinthians 9:7 when he said, “…God loves a person who gives cheerfully.”

The truth is anytime we choose to withhold and not give as freely as we have received, we are acting in a spirit that is literally opposed to the Spirit of God. And if, or when, we choose to withhold we actually oppose the work of God in our lives.

So you have to decide: Will you give like God? Or will you withhold from God? 

Reflections Questions:

  • Have you ever found yourself reluctant to give to God? Why is (or was) that?
  • What does (or should) it look like in your life to give as freely as you have received?