When it comes to reading and learning about the Holy Spirit, there is a lot to take in! Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Below I’ve listed and linked to various scriptures that highlight the person, role, and work of the Spirit. I’ve shared these verses with you not so that you can study them all in one day, but rather for you to read and study them slowly over time.

So my encouragement is simple: pick a couple of passages to reflect on each week and meditate on those passages using the questions I shared in the previous devotional.

What Jesus said about the Holy Spirit:


Examples of what the Holy Spirit does:


Examples of the Holy Spirit at work:
  • Holy Spirit falls on the believers – Acts 2:1-13
  • Holy Spirit fills the believers with boldness – Acts 4
  • New believers receive the Holy Spirit – Acts 8:4-25
  • Being led by the Spirit to do something risky – Acts 9:1-19
  • The Holy Spirit identifies new leaders for ministry – Acts 13:1-3
  • The Holy Spirit prays on your behalf – Romans 8:23-28
  • The Holy Spirit works through you so you don’t have to prove yourself to others – 2 Corinthians 6:6