Empow(her) Women's Hike


Come join some of the women from Meta Church on Saturday, June 22nd as we spend the day taking a (leisurely) hike in the Hudson Valley! We’ll plan on grabbing some coffee and hiking the first part of the day, and then head out for lunch in the afternoon at a nearby restaurant.

This will be a great time for the women at Meta Church to connect with one another while disconnecting from life in the city. We’ll head out earlier on Saturday morning and return later in the early evening via the Metro North train.

Check out the information below and fill out the form if you’re interested in joining us.


Q: How long is the hike?

  • The total hike is about 2.5 miles and should take us around 1.5-2 hours to complete.

Q: How difficult is the hike?

  • The hike is rated light-moderate.

Q: When will we leave? And how will we get there?

  • The trail gets busy early in the day, so we’ll plan on meeting at Grand Central Terminal around 8:30am to beat the crowds. Tickets should be purchased in advance MTA’s Train Time App using the .

Q: Will it cost me anything?

  • The train fare cost $15.25 each way/person, so a total of $30.50/person. (You can purchase your ticket for the Metro North Line from Grand Central to Cold Spring using the Train Time App.) You’re also be responsible for paying for your own coffee and food.

Q: What should I bring?

  • Comfortable shoes and clothing for the hike (make sure it’s weather-appropriate). Any snacks you’ll need or want for the hike, as well as your own water supply.

Q: Can I invite someone else?

  • Absolutely! If you have a girl friend you want to invite, share this link and tell her to sign up.
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