Let’s admit it: Nobody likes a stingy person. Few things are as frustrating or as annoying as being around a stingy person. They act like every financial decision is a burden, they always try to commit to the bear minimum, and they definitely never offer to pick up the check.

Thankfully, God modeled a better way for us through the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus was the opposite of stingy. His life and His actions were marked by generosity. In every situation and interaction, He opted to believe, do, and give the most generous thing possible.

And here’s the thing: Jesus didn’t need to do this. He didn’t owe anyone anything. Nor was He obligated or required to be generous to the people around Him, yet He still chose to do it anyway. It’s this example that we are called to follow.

Because we are made in God’s image, we are also made to live and act with generosity… even when we don’t need to do it.