Throughout the New Testament – and especially in the book of Acts – there is one thing above all else that seems to elevate the church and, in the process, completely overhaul the lives of those who engage it. Over and over, we see example after example of this one thing radically transforming regular people like you to become something far more extraordinary… dare we say, supernatural, even!

This one thing is what we’re talking about at Meta Church this week. It’s the Holy Spirit! The power and the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life will radically transform who you are and what you experience. In fact, there are three SIGNIFICANT ways your life changes when you live in submission to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to take hold of your life.

And the Holy Spirit the one thing we believe that will completely distinguish and separate Meta 3.0 from all other previous versions of our church’s history. When we see this evident in in our church, we’ll know that the lives of our people have been completely changed!