If you could do anything for God and you knew you wouldn’t fail, what would you do?

It’s a thought-provoking question, isn’t it? It’s difficult and hard to consider the answer to a question like that. The level of faith that would be needed to believe – and even to dare to dream – for something of that significance seems far-fetched and out of reach.

But the truth is it’s really not that far-fetched… at least not with God. With God, it’s not only possible, but in faith we can believe that He wants to use us to do the impossible! So often we are the ones who cap God’s ability and His potential. But legendary faith knows that no matter what our “impossible” might look like, God is capable of fulfilling His word and His promise.

In this week’s message, Pastor Ricky Ortiz helps us identify the things that stand in the way of helping us dream for more and believe for the impossible, so we can step out and do whatever it is that God has called us to do.