If God is calling us into a new season that’s filled with potential and excitement, then why do we feel afraid and uncertain? And if it’s God’s promise to us, then why do we experience trouble or difficulty obtaining it? Shouldn’t it come easily and without problems? These questions (and more) are the questions we often find ourselves asking as we prepare to step into the things God has for us.

That’s why in Week 1 of our new series at Meta Church – “Joshua: God’s Promises, Your Purpose” – Pastor Ricky Ortiz is going to speak directly to these questions. In this new series on the book of Joshua, we’ll look at how God led His people into the Promised Land and how they were able to discover their purpose in pursuit of God’s promises.

This will be a relevant series for our church as we’re moving forward with great excitement. We’re stepping into a new season as a church and God is inviting us to experience even greater things than before!