“More” is not always better. We live in a culture that values obtaining and getting more in every area of life, even if (or when) it doesn’t make sense. This belief often permeates our relationships and ends up sabotaging our most intimate relationships.

When you think of your most intimate relationships and connections, chances are they began with little-to-no strings attached or expectations. In fact, it’s likely that there was zero agenda or conditions when those relationships first formed. Yet over time, you can begin to add things to those relationships without realizing that you’re crowding out the most important component: intimacy.

This is true in faith as well. It’s easy to lose sight of who God is and what your relationship with Him was originally based on when you start adding more and more to it. But that’s why it’s important that we look to Jesus and follow His example of surrender, by stripping away everything that stands in the way of us and God.