Have you ever had to restore your cell phone back to its factory settings? Those default settings are provided by manufacturers as a way to clear out the junk and optimize your device.

In the same way, God has created humanity with similar defaults. One of those default settings is the desire, and need, to pray. Within each of us is a desire to connect with the Divine and reach out to a Power higher and bigger than ourselves. Sadly, many of us have turned this setting off or we’ve allowed it to get crowded out by fear, worry, busyness, or pride.

But what if we returned back to a default posture of prayer? What if in any, and every, circumstance, our gut reaction was to respond with prayer and to seek God? What if we resorted to prayer no matter the circumstance or situation? How would that transform your life and our church?

This is exactly what we’re talking about in today’s “Meta 3.0” message!

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