What Is Meta?

Meta is the Greek word for "change"; but it also means "more than" or "beyond." We believe Jesus has more for you and He wants to take you beyond anything you could ever ask for or imagine!

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165 E 88th St, New York, NY 10128

We're a non-denominational church meeting weekly on the Upper East Side of NYC.

During our worship gathering, you can expect meaningful relationships, live worship, and weekly sermons from one of our pastors.

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11:00 AM

Meta Church is here to help you experience the transformative power of Jesus in your life.

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Looking For More?

Every summer, a new wave of musicians, artists, and songs make their way onto our airwaves, TikTok feeds, and Spotify playlists. With each stream, view, like, and follow, these new songs make up the sounds of summer and find their way onto our own Summer Mixtapes. In the same vein, we’ll have different people speaking and sharing what their learning about God, how they’re navigating life, and how their faith is growing every week. These are “regular people” just like you, and their collective voices, perspectives, and experiences will help us make our own Summer Mixtape.

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Meta Church Events on the Upper East Side

One of the best and easiest ways to get connected at Meta Church and start meeting people is to attend or participate in an Upcoming Event! Events @ Meta are an easy, low risk, way to meet people with similar interest, have fun, and make an impact. We have various types of events happening across the Upper East Side, online, and elsewhere in NYC.

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We have hundreds of sermons available on topics like purpose, grief, hope, anxiety, victory, relationships and more! You can catch up on all of our past sermons at Meta Church by visiting our sermon archive.

We’re committed to serving families by investing in their kids and helping them learn about Jesus on their level every week! Visit our Meta Kids page for more information.

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